Consultants Mastermind

There is a platform where emerging consultants come together


It is on record that 95% of companies especially service providers or knowledge workers fail faster within the first 18 months of existence than any other regular business.

One of the major reasons for this failure is the absence of structure, system, corporate and legal framework. Hence, the consultant as a solution provider to its client needs to find out how to sustain his/her own company first. With the increasing need to become consultants by young people in the 21st century, there is therefore a need to create a platform to:

  • Help emerging consultants to start, scale and sustain their consulting businesses efficiently.
  • Have the network of consultants from across different fields to mastermind in order to increase net worth
  • To bridge the gap of experience needed to succeed in the consulting industry.
  • A platform to connect the old and experienced consultant with new entrant and mastermind through knowledge sharing, mentorship in a not too formal environment.
  • To connect emerging consultants to resources, people, associations that can enhance their work.

Target Audience

  • The consultants mastermind is targeted at emerging consultants who are just entering the consulting business across different fields
  • Persons who have started and want to scale their operations for efficiency and more productivity.
  • These list includes retirees, educators, IT/technology, content writers/authors, realtors, HR and anyone else¬† who want to become a consultant.


The maiden edition was graced by the national president Nigerians institute of training and development and the delectable entrepreneurial lawyer Ronke Omorodion.

The mastermind was rich in content as the participants left with valuable lessons and the testimonials have been overwhelming

The second edition was cerebral, intense and spontaneous as all mastermind shared depth, insights that left all participants spell bond.

The second edition crystalize the planning as many participants called for another edition within the year.

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