EdAfrica Magazine

The Edupreneur Africa Magazine “EdAfrica Magazine” is an Online freemium all-inclusive education strategy enterprise magazine that provide business strategy solutions for the core and alternative edupreneurs and as well as those with education related businesses or units within their organizations. It is:

  • Virtually striking, interactive online magazine All-inclusive education strategy and enterprise magazine for edupreneurs across board
  • To have contents that spark debates and conversations
  • Monthly summary with PDF turning pages of all articles 
  • It consist of free and premium version “FREEMIUM”


The free version of the EdAfrica Magazine gives you access:

  • To weekly and monthly articles/newsletter on growth strategy, organizational/business leadership, business opportunities across Africa, the corporate rebel manual etc
  • Selected content from the previous edition of the premium version
  • Event update specific to selected core and alternative education space
  • You have access to this FREE SUBSCRIPTION and this will be sent to you in form PDF Newsletter to your email


  • This is a paid ONLINE MAGAZINE 
  • Carefully thought-out reports and analysis from experts across selected industries
  • PDF turning pages of the summary of all the articles from the free version
  • Exclusive interviews with industry titans across the selected business cycles
  • Access to mastermind community of African edupreneurs
  • To gain access to this foremost Edupreneur Africa Magazine, $12/Annum and $10/Half year Subscription