Financial Literacy for Educators.

In this article, we will be looking at What is financial Literacy,  why do Educators need financial Literacy, and how Educators can get involved in making money.

These three areas are what I will briefly touch on with this article on financial Literacy for Educators.

What is financial Literacy?

Financial Literacy is the possession of the set of skills and knowledge to help you make, manage and multiple money.

You can pick the different key phrases and begin to ponder and Expand on them etc

  • Set of Skills
  • knowledge to help
  • Make, manage and Multiply 
  • Money

One of the lowest earning sector in Nigeria within the private sector are  the educators in the private sector.

This has become a dogma, a way of life for the educators especially those in the private sector.
One question every educator must ask him/herself is:

With my meagre salary, what will my life look like 15-20 years from now especially for those  who are now in their late 40s

Why are Educators not making money?
Does it mean that they don’t know any of the key phrases above?
How Can the people who teach others to be great be among the poorest?
Poorest mentally and financially for that matter
Why are Educators so comfortable in lack?
So vulnerable to insult ant deprivation?

There are so many questions to ask
At this point in time, educators need to

– maximise whatever income they have
– increase their financial capability, financial intelligence

Prayer and Money answers all things, thus Educators must learn how to Make, manage and Multiply money

Do you as an educator know how to make money?
Let me re-ask that question in pidgin
You Sabi make money?
Where is money?
Are you following the money?
Don’t come and tell me about passion
Passion without money will put pressure on you
The Truth is
Any dummy can make money
But can he/she duplicate and repeat the process?
Remember,Passion  –  money = Pressure 

Making money is action, managing money is behavior an multiplying money is knowledge
Dear Educator, in your journey to making money, Never:

  • pity yourself
  • Excuse yourself
  • Underestimate yourself

For today’s session
Our focus is on the make part of the make , manage and Multiply
How do you make money
As an educator who is an employee

Never quit your job because of unfounded passion
Hunger will teach you the meaning of being broke, so receive sense.
When you work on your school owners school during the day, work on your set of skills during the night.

You must push yourself to make money.

1. Invest in yourself to acquire a skill that is marketable, sellable and can be monetized
2. Don’t save to spend, but save to Invest.
If you are able to save money put that money saved into an investment and not use it for expenditure
3. Avoid keeping money in the bank beyond the money you need for transaction, precautionary motives

The question I have often been asked over time is: Where do I invest?
You can invest your money into


There are alot of Agribusiness companies around today who are seeking Investors and giving back 25-35 % or more return on investment within 3-6 months and or 6-9 months
The longer the duration, the higher the ROI( RETURN ON INVESTMENTS)

I know these companies, tyhy are clients I am working with and have worked with in designing your Strategy and operational framework
Some are friends within the corporate space

Invest in People’s businesses

Look out for people who own businesses and seeking Investors, get the legal operations in place and you are good to go.
If you are looking to Invest 20k and get 40k Investment within 1hr or 24hrs
That’s a scam, don’t fall for it!

Create a multiple income stream from your skill set

Through blogging, content creation, online teaching
As a teacher right now, there are Online platforms you can teach and get paid on
It therefore means, you need to learn how to do online teaching
A skill set that the Education space have been clamoring for that many educators don’t feel bothered about

Give your money to Investment companies

There are number of Investment companies you can give your money to and they will give you good return on investment within three months or more
From a professional standpoint
I’m not supposed to give express recommendations as I’m not paid to advertise any of these companies 
You are supposed to search them out. However, you can check
They are currently looking for online teachers


GreenEagles Agribusiness Solutions Ltd. They have about 50,000 Investment plan

Mbraiz Farms. Their Investment plan is 550,000

And many others

Investment companies

1. Tym Investment
2. Kapitel investment

These two companies take as low as 20k Investment

3. Commercio Investment 100,000 upward

Online platforms

There are some online platforms you can log in to to read news and you get paid for reading and sharing news and as well as referring people to the platforms

You have to start with 2,000

But you have to login daily to participate and you get paid your cummulative earning at the end of the month

These are companies I know personally.


However, it is at your discretion, if you choose to invest in them, As I remain indemnified
Ladies and gentlemen, Distinguished Edupreneurs and Educators, Prayer and Money answers all things
Don’t forget to turn your Education into an income stream

The illiterate of the 21st century are not those who can read and write, but they are those who can not learn, unlearn and relearn – Alvin Tofler

I believe in your success

Believe E. Iboyi

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