Strategic approach to selling

Recently I have been fascinated with selling. My fascination is as a result of the business failures I have experienced in recent times.

I know I’m extremely good with the strategy of things. And after these strategies have been designed. I have erroneously let the sales and marketing team to handle the outcome.

These led to series of failures which consist of slow growth, low financial turn over, little or no sales etc

In my quest to salvage this, I did a lot of personal analysis, business analysis using different tools and I found that across all materials on selling, these concepts hold true.

Though many are taught in isolation. For me through the EdupreneurNg brand, I have taught them, used them and adjusted them to different industries like education, real estate, fashion, service based organizations, tech-startups, production companies, travel and tours etc and they have all given outstanding results as seen by feedbacks.

So, permit me to show you the synopsis of three sales strategies, you must work with, train your staff on

AIDA sales strategy

If you have ever read any book on selling, you must have come across these sales strategy.
And in fact, every other sales approach or strategy is a build-up of this

  • AIDA is an acronym for
  • Awareness through attention
  • Interest through intentional funneling
  • Decision through desire hacking
  • Action through acquired knowledge
  • The build up of this concept gives rise to others.

TALK Sales strategy

As an approach to build up the AIDA sales strategy.  The talk sales strategy focus on how to build trust with the customer. And to achieve this, the TALK is an acronym for TRUST built by ASKING question and LISTENING to gain KNOWLEDGE

The application of the knowledge gained from the talk sales strategy gives rise to the third approach

Consultative selling

The entire idea of selling is to run through the AIDA strategy, through the TALK strategy. The knowledge garnered from the TALK strategy makes you a consultant to the customer.

Being perceived as a consultant gives you positioning to be an advisor, expert, problem solver for the client.

As you start and grow your sales skills, note that there is need for you to understand the AIDA- TALK- CONSULTATIVE STRATEGY for these lines the solutions to your sales challenges

I believe in your success


We are open for virtual strategy sessions to help you rethink your strategy, operations and design tools for your training and business growth 

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